GTESC Limited

About Us

Founded in 2003, GTESC Limited is a privately-owned corporation and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. The legal status of the Company is "Limited".

GTESC Limitewas founded with a share capital of NGN 10,000,000.00 represented by 10,000,000.00 shares each with a value of NGN 1.00. The shares are held by:

EMR Consulting GmbH            (Austria)
Elmirage Nigeria Ltd.                (Nigeria)
Markus Truninger (MD)            (Swiss)
Wolfgang Reinl (GM)                (Austria)

We have successfully completed many projects throughout Nigeria.

GTESC Limited has provided a broad spectrum of services to an ever-expanding marketplace and we enjoy working with our clients on a wide variety of projects.

Our clients come from both the public and private sectors. They include City, State and Federal agencies, Development companies, Oil companies and Non-Profit institutions.

Projects include residential developments, office and industrial parks, retail shopping centers,  mixed-use development projects, Airport facilities, Hangars, various private and public Security installations, etc..

Our resources and equipment are state-of-the-art and cover the broad spectrum of our services. 

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Our Commitment

International backing, experienced staff and adequate training of staff are significant factors for our successful performance. We are acutely aware of the value and importance of providing close, individual attention to each project and to work within the constraints of time and budget.

We understand complexity and invest in competence. We also know that the success of the firm rests clearly on the management, competence and experience of our professional staff.

GTESCā€™s Market opportunities are embedded in the fact of the rising demand for qualified and reliable engineering and technical services in Nigeria.

Reliable and qualitative engineering and technical services are rare in Nigeria. When available, the cost does not correspond with the results. With first class services, competitive pricing combined with well experienced staff, GTESC Limited takes advantage of the opportunities and satisfied the expectations of its clients.  

1, Kabale Close Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, FCT